Manufacture and Installation of Projects

Having enjoyed experience, expert, state of the art knowledge and other modern machineries and facilities as mentioned earlier, this group is able to help the state industries with design and completion of industrial projects.

It is noteworthy that the manufacture of pre-fabricated metal parts and mechanical machineries is conducted in different sections of the company and the maps feasible submitted by the employer facilitates the progress of works and prepares the equipments for installation on the site.

The company is ready to prepare the process equipments in their workshop in advance and then transport them to the site. Meanwhile, the company is able to purchase some special equipments from its foreign partners and put them at the purchasers' disposal. The group is also ready to procure the goods required for the projects from inside and outside and is able to procure all goods required for the project in the exchange manner and at the lowest price.

For cooperation with the respectful organization in the said fields, the company is ready to provide cognition, feasibility, evaluation and economic studies for project, prepare and compile executive and engineering standards and methods, design different processes, conduct commissioning and troubleshooting and render necessary consulting services. The group hopes to make use of the experiences of the veteran personnel and facilities and machineries in order to fulfill the services assigned and act as the strong arm of the respectful organization with the help of the God.
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